Cliff Lardin

Venture Partner

Cliff is an experienced engineer and dedicated entrepreneur who joined CVF in 2007. For the past several years, he has taken operational roles in various CVF portfolio companies including Advion, Instinctiv, and Mezmeriz. Cliff serves as VP engineering at Mezmeriz since 2012, where he has helped create ground-breaking technology for fast, accurate 3D capture, building information management, metrology, and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) applications.

Cliff’s management experience includes serving as CEO of Cyan Data Systems, founder and VP of systems at, founder of Bright Island, and director of PC programming at Flowers Industries. In addition, Cliff has worked as a senior software developer for ChemSW, and as a senior engineer at Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates. After completing all of the requirements for the computer science major at Amherst College, Cliff ultimately earned a BA in English and an MBA from Cornell University.


Representing CVF in these companies: