Current Portfolio

We choose to invest in Upstate NY and NYC.  The Upstate startup market is undercapitalized and NYC is unavoidable!

Calient Technologies

Calient’s optical switches improve server and computing efficiency.


Cheribundi produces tart cherry drinks with health and muscle recovery benefits.


EkoStinger boosts fuel efficiency of trucks.


GiveGab helps nonprofits engage with donors online with ease.


Incodema3D prototypes and supplies complicated 3D parts for the aerospace, energy, motorsports, and medical industries.


Ioxus develops and manufactures ultracapacitors for a variety of industry applications that install easily.


itellio makes CMS for digital billboard advertising for both brands and screen operators.


Mezmeriz’s compact device scans the surrounding area to construct advanced 3D models.


Outmatch advances hiring and employee development.


Peace of Mind Company’s connected mobile device keeps students safe in an emergency.


Primet Precision Materials produces advanced materials through its proprietary process.


Rheonix simplifies molecular testing and detection of pathogens.



SocialFlow optimizes social media marketing for brands and publishers.


SoundCloud democratizes audio sharing by enabling artists to easily share music and stories.

True Gault

True Gault uses scanning technology so women can design shoes custom made for them using their smartphone.


VenueBook is a marketplace for booking your next event or party.

We Invest In

NY State Startups

We choose to invest in Upstate NY and NYC.  The Upstate Startup market is undercapitalized and NYC is unavoidable!


From Our Portfolio Companies
  • CVF has been an invaluable partner in helping build VenueBook. They provide salient advice and strong support exactly when VenueBook needs it most. We would not be where we are without CVF’s support.

    Kelsey Recht
    CEO, VenueBook
  • Finding the right investor is an absolute necessity for an early-stage startup. After a long fundraising process, CVF’s advice and integrity helped us to take itellio to the next stage in our company’s lifecycle. I honestly do not know where we would be without their supportive and candid counsel.

    Eric Fondren
    CEO, itellio
  • Cayuga Venture Fund has been a true partner from day one, and an invaluable asset to our team. From impromptu strategy sessions to customer leads and investor introductions, Jennifer and the team provided us with hands-on support and guidance during critical early phases of our company lifecycle. They are a smart, enthusiastic group and we are grateful to be working with them.

    Andrew J. Leahy
    CEO, POM (Peace of Mind)
  • CVF has been massively important to our success to this point and our ability to put ourselves in the best possible position going forward. They continued to invest – even when times were tough and bleak as they will almost always be at some point in every startup. They also all have a good sense of humor and are fun to work with – which is just as important in many ways and fits our company culture and has added to our momentum and energy as we grow.

    Charlie Mulligan
    CEO, GiveGab
  • Working with Cayuga Venture Fund has been a fantastic collaborative experience. While working with CVF, our company transitioned from one technology to another. During the process CVF stood by us and help guide us through that transition. Their input has been invaluable and their understanding of what it takes to make a new business grow is second to none.

    Parr Wiegel
    CEO, EkoStinger
  • It is crucial, first and foremost, as an early stage startup, to have a lead investor that is both trustworthy and supportive, and we have found that in CVF. What distinguishes CVF from others is their desire to listen and help, along with being focused on our success. They always have our best interests at heart and are actively involved not only in the business side but also in our brand and employees.

    Sandra Gault
    CEO, True Gault
  • CVF’s creativity, wisdom, and guidance in structuring the “right” investment to fit our unique needs is refreshing and highly appreciated. The open lines of communication make for quick and efficient decision making in a fast moving technology and business environment.

    Sean Whittaker
    President & CEO, Incodema3D
  • CVF has been an incredible investment partner to work with for Cheribundi. With the brand roots coming from Cornell, CVF’s leadership and involvement in key decisions as our growth has accelerated has been invaluable. Their perspective on our board has also been extremely helpful as we work through our growing pains and prepare for a successful future moving forward. We look forward to their continued partnership.

    Steve Pear
    CEO, Cheribundi
  • I have been involved with six CVF portfolio companies over more than a decade as founder, CEO and/or director. CVF is very supportive of the companies it invests in and takes a long-term view towards success, which has resulted in some excellent outcomes. Though small, CVF is able to greatly amplify its impact on portfolio companies through its broad network of venture firms, angel investors and family offices. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central New York benefits greatly from the presence of CVF.

    Greg Galvin
    CEO, Rheonix

Exited Companies


Advion runs a CRO business and develops bioanalytical systems for pharmaceutical and research applications. The contract support business was acquired by Quintiles in 2011 and the products business was acquired by Beijing Bohui Innovation Technology in 2015.


Agronomic Technology Corp’s nitrogen management system helped agronomists and farmers optimize farming. The company was acquired by Yara North America, Inc. in 2017.


AllWorx Corporation makes VoIP telephony systems for small businesses. AllWorx was acquired by PAETEC in 2007.


BinOptics manufactures low-cost semiconductor lasers. BinOptics was acquired by MACOM in 2014.


Ecovation’s systems treat organic waste in an efficient and clean manner. Ecovation was acquired by Ecolab in 2008.



Instinctiv created music management and discovery software. Instinctiv was acquired by SoundCloud in 2012.


Kionix designs and manufactures advanced MEMS devices. Optical switching technology was acquired by Calient in 2000 and accelerometer business was acquired by Rohm in 2009.


Pathlight Technology’s products deployed advanced, high-speed enterprise Storage Area Networks. Pathlight was acquired by ADIC in 2001.

Silicon Video

Silicon Video commercialized specialized CMOS camera and video technology. Silicon Video was acquired by Panavision Imaging in 2004.

Exited Companies