Our Approach

Our venture capital team is interested in startups at various stages across a wide range of industries. We invest in companies that excite us.


Instead of targeting specific markets and technology sectors, we look for a strong core value proposition, uniqueness leading to sustainable competitive advantage, high growth in a substantial market, capital efficiency, and overall impact. We have holdings and interests in a variety of investment areas.


While we welcome startups at any stage, we like to connect and invest early with founders and entrepreneurs.


We require open and consistent communication with our companies. Through regular and direct communication and feedback, we support our companies better and more efficiently.


Our investments are part of a genuine partnership between the company and us. We often make follow-on investments and continue to support our companies through their life cycle.


We care about growing startups in the region, that’s why we choose to invest in companies in Upstate NY and NYC. This model facilitates our goal of regular and direct communication.

Icons created by Adriano Emerick, Ferran Brown, Gilad Sotil and retinaicon from the Noun Project.