Philip Proujansky

Managing Partner

Mr. Proujansky is a founding member of CVF since 1996. He is also a Founding Managing Partner of Integrated Acquisition & Development (IAD), a diversified commercial real estate firm and a private equity investor. Mr. Proujansky has been a Principal Investor in a number of technology-based businesses prior to CVF, including companies in the development of “non-wireline” cellular telephone MSA and RSA markets as well as in companies with expertise in artificial intelligence for industrial applications.

He began his career as a Financial Analyst and Consultant after studying Engineering Physics at Cornell University. Mr. Proujansky has been working in Ithaca, NY since 1975, and serves on a number of advisory boards affiliated with Cornell University, the Paleontological Research Institution, and several other nonprofit organizations.

Representing CVF in these companies:

Calient, Incodema3D, GiveGab, Mezmeriz, Rheonix